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Peacock (from Skullgirls) :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 25 2 Jude, Joey and Xefros (From Hiveswap) :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 2 2 Crimson (from Jet Impulse) :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 1 0 Sayuki from Initial D :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 1 0 F-55A concept STOVL multirole fighter :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 1 0 UFO drawing for Alerta Ovni 2016 :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 1 2 Heavy of dance :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 1 0 Infinity Is In The Air /Ace Combat Infinity Fanart :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 2 0 VF-25 Yakata Edition :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 0 0 Vault Boy :iconjjuanjo55:JJuanjo55 1 3


ForestCrawler Mk.II mech :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 4 0 Birthday gift to JJ55 :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 1 1 Naomi Morifa / Jasmine (Jet Impulse) (colorized) :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 2 4 Robin (Stardew Valley) colorized :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 8 0 Mirage 4000 :iconmalnu123:Malnu123 8 1 Rose Lalonde :icontechnologicalcat:TechnologicalCat 49 7 Akitsu soldier (Jet Impulse) :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 2 0 Cockpit Speedpaint :iconmalnu123:Malnu123 4 2 Welcome to the Zone, Major :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 8 1 Thunderbird Climb :iconmalnu123:Malnu123 4 0 9-Volt :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 15 2 Liquidators Stamp :icondakshen3:dAkshEN3 32 14 Brendan :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 2 0 Maria Limanskaya (final version) :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 3 0 Piloshkova combat gear 2 :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 8 6 OC Pokemon Female Trainer :iconvinceinovich:Vinceinovich 2 0



Peacock (from Skullgirls)
Time to paint the town red!

The pencils I used for colouring turned out to be water colors, so they are hard to mix without water. It ended up like this, but I thought the result was interesting and not too bad. Anyway, it was a good chance to test stuff, and I learned a lot while making it.

Jude, Joey and Xefros (From Hiveswap)
Hiveswap is coming up right this month and I couldn't stand the hype, so i made this thing that works great as a background for my tablet.
This is the first drawing I make almost entirely with vectors. The final result is far better than I expected. When it was uncoloured, it reminded me to something I would give to a toddler with a set of crayons!
Crimson (from Jet Impulse)
A present for :iconvinceinovich: (Go check out his profile. You won't regret it)
I'm not totally disappointed with this drawing, but for the time I spent on it, I could have made it better.
Anyway, I think it's the only fanart of this character you can find out there.
Sayuki from Initial D
Forgot to change resolution and now looks like some pixelart out of minecraft. Duh.

To celebrate that I finally passed my driving tests, i felt like i had to draw some character from Initial D. Sayuki was the lucky one (or unlucky, you'll be the judge). Used a reference picture and added some details of my own while simplifying others. Made in 3 hours, exactly.

F-55A concept STOVL multirole fighter
The perspective, as you've probably already noticed, may have a couple of mistakes. The only reference i had while drawing the 3D view was a toy YF-22, but thanks to this I've learned some tips for the next time i do something similar. Practice makes the master!

A close-futuristic two seater STOVL aircraft concept i had in mind. With a size comparable to that of an F-35B, features stuff like vector thrust, active aeroelastic wings and 2 folding points on each one for easier storage on carriers. A single main engine fed by the top intakes provides the impulse in normal flight. In VTOL flight, its power is redirected vertically, while a second and smaller engine placed near the front part and directly fed by the frontal intakes provides stabilization. To reach the top speed (Mach 2.3, approximately), the front engine can be used along the main one, rotating the jumpjet noozles. Using just the internal tanks, the approximate range is about 2.800 km. The main weapons bay can hold up to 4 missiles or a variety of bombs, while the side bays host 2 close air to air sidewinder missiles. Also, 4 external hardpoints can be used to mount additional fuel tanks or rocket pods.
PD: Abenza Aeronautics isn't a real company. It's just a little gag based on my surname lolololol


JJuanjo55's Profile Picture
Juanjo A. G.
A regular geek whose goal in life is to design aircraft.

Somewhere in Murcia, in a place whose name I do not care to remember

Carmageddon Stamp by Salkridgh Kerbal Space Program by Glorious-Stamps Cheeki Breeki Language Stamp by Wubiikekerino S.T.A.L.K.E.R. S.T.A.M.P. by xXCougarXx

Initial D stamp by sugarblueberry Fallout Stamp by Balakir Ace Combat Stamp by lonewolf3878 Postal 2 stamp by Shadowglove Panty and Stocking Stamp by Veminya Peacock by DennyVuQuach

Jet Impulse logo stamp by Vinceinovich Command and Conquer Stamp by X-ZERO00 Command and Conquer GDI stamp by Rattler20200 Burnout Revenge stamp by 5-3-10-4 Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX Homestuck Stamp by LIsPixels Stamp: Terezi by Shendijiro John Stamp by darkSees

Umbreon stamp by Dametora Eevee stamp by Dametora Espeon stamp by Dametora
Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume


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